High Quality Sustainable Luxury

When did we start?

Frustrated with an increasing throw-away society and unsustainable practices, we started researching and working with suppliers in 2019 to identify high quality, socially responsible products.

Why do we care?

Our planet is suffering from overconsumption and corporate negligence. Plastic wastes in our oceans, harmful chemicals in our waterways, biodiversity destruction and unfair working conditions are examples of the issues needed to be addressed to achieve global sustainability.

What are we doing?

All products are sourced from organisations that maintain ethical business practices, are manufactured using high quality materials and produced using responsible manufacturing processes.

Bring a change!

Ardelic was started to shift control back to the consumer, providing access to corporate and socially responsible products that will last a lifetime. Every purchase provides access to not only gilt free luxury but is an investment in a better world.

What value do we provide to our customers?


Provide the latest fashion and trends yet being environmentally friendly


New and creative products which represent and show everyone that you care about this world


We only have products from designers who maintain strong corporate  social governance practices.


We do not handle any delivery or shipping but our partners make sure to ship the products to customers as soon as possible